Thursday, January 7, 2010

TnA Movie Hype!!

Another Movie Pool year is upon us, and although we're relying heavily on Christopher Nolan's Inception, Walt Disney's big budget Tron, and a Hangover repeat from Todd Phillips, we'll need some TnA luck and possibly a miracle to contend for the 2010 title.

Enjoy our TnA Movie updates below:

- Inception -

"The biggest challenge I've taken on"

"Potential for this to be a breakout film in 2010." Check out some plot details.

- Tron Legacy -

"New Photo of Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy"

Life sized version of the Tron bike.

"Is this a Track from Tron:Legacy??"

"funky new yellow Light Cycle"

"set in a digital world that's unlike anything ever captured on the big screen.",3800005208,62060284,00.htm

- Due Date -

"Trains, Planes, and Automobiles meets Hangover."

- The Wolfman -

7 Wolfman clips released

The best howl ever.

"This movie so deserves to be good"

"first two t.v spots released for wolfman"

"the potential to be one of the coolest possible genre flicks of the year."

- Repo Men -

Repo contest - $10,000 if you can disappear for 1 month

“Repo Men posters price out your eye ball”

viral site for Repo Men goes live!

- Guardians of Ga'hoole -

"rather impressive voice cast will bring the characters to life"

- The Losers -

Official website and trailer released. Check it!

"Entertainment Tonight will showcase the first trailer and exclusive interviews for the upcoming comic adaptation The Losers"

"You will be blown away. People will think, ‘Wow, that had to be CG.’ No. Nothing was CG"