Monday, March 9, 2009

TnA: Exclusive 'Avatar' Interview with James Cameron

Being from Niagara Falls, just like yours truly, James Cameron’s family actually grew up across the street from my parents. I knew Jim from before I could walk, so when he recently came back to visit his mom, I ran over for a coffee and had a chat with the man himself. This wasn’t really meant to be an proper interview, but Mr. Cameron has given us the OK to post it on our website. Enjoy.

TnA: Holy shit Jim, it’s been ages since you’ve been back.

(Cameron’s mom making coffee in the kitchen: "Tell me about it")

Cameron: Yeah man, I really shouldn’t even be back right now, but I missed my mom’s cooking. (Chuckles) There is so much going on, and we are getting closer and closer to releasing a proper Avatar trailer. Did you see all of this stuff that popped up on the web about me rejecting trailers? It’s crazy how fast the rumours spread these days. Dave, who you know, has been putting together some stuff, but we have not sat down and looked at any of it together. People just need stuff to talk about.

TnA: Yeah man, I really have been trying to keep up with all of the updates on the Web, but you are keeping the lid shut! I found a few photos, but nothing really significant.

Cameron: Then you are gonna love these.

(Reaches into his bag and pulls out some pieces of paper. What I saw in those three photos was truly incredible. There have been rumours that the CGI is photo realistic, but you can’t imagine how true this is, until you see it for yourself. Mind blowing!!)

TnA: Holy shit!! This is ridiculous! I can’t... Wow!

Cameron: Everything you heard is true man. I still give my head a shake when I have a chance to step back and look at the stuff. We really have a chance for this to be the coolest movie ever made. I've shown these same pics to some people in the industry and they share your enthusiasm. And you can't even imagine what we've done with the 3D

TnA: Well that's the big buzz. People are really stoked about Coraline and all these 3D movies coming out, but the word on the street is that you have cooked up something special

Cameron: All I can tell you is that whatever you are trying to imagine, just drop it and forget about it. You can't imagine, because we have truly broken new ground here. I saw Coraline and it is a great film, but the 3D can't be compared to Avatar. What we've done, and what we have worked on for years will forever change what you know. This won't be just some things jumping off the screen here and there, you will be surrounded by the world you're watching. There won't be a screen, it will just be you and planet Pandora, you will be surrounded by the environment and the characters. I can try to explain this to you until I'm blue in the face, but all you have to do is see a 30 second clip and you will know.

TnA: Exactly! When will the trailer come out!?

Cameron: Well we have chosen the movie that will open with the trailer, and the spots are secured, but I can't quite disclose what that movie will be. Like I said, we haven't sat down and finalized the clip, but the slot is booked my man! The announcement should come soon.

TnA: People are going crazy, trying to get even the slightest glimpses of Avatar

Cameron: It won't be long now, but enough about that. Let's do a shot of tequila.

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